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Pearland’s current property tax rate is $0.7053 per $100 of valuation.  This means that for the average home in Pearland, which is valued at $259,400, pays $1,829.54 in property tax to the City of Pearland (not accounting for exemptions).  Of that which is paid to the city $0.69 of every dollar is used to pay for the City’s debt and only the remaining $0.31 per dollar can go to the General Fund which is used to pay for Pearland’s operating costs.



I believe that the City of Pearland is currently bearing the weight of too much debt.  I also believe that there are many programs like road and utility maintenance that are underfunded and are in desperate need of additional support.   Our next City Council member needs to have a clear plan to deal with balancing the need for additional revenue, Pearland’s high debt load, and funding need projects.  As a former Pearland staff member I know the City’s budget and have real ideas as how to find that balance.

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