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After serving in the US Army (Active Duty) Trent began his career as a civil engineer.  In practice for more the 16 years, Trent is licenced professional engineer (Texas State License No. 103701) and owner of PRD Land Development Services, LLC which specializes in civil engineering design and land development. 



Trent has previously served as the Assistant City Engineering for the City of Pearland.  In that time he managed and oversaw the development of hundreds of projects throughout the Pearland area. Informed by his experience as a consulting engineer and driven by his care for his community, Trent worked to find the balance between the developer interests and the community concerns.


As a former staff member Trent already knows how the City of Pearland works.  He is also aware of City programs that work well and the ones that need to be revisited. As such, Trent will be able to hit the ground running once on council and begin to implement change to critical issues.



Trent has never stopped working to better Pearland whenever possible.  Known as the person to turn to when you are looking to develop in Pearland, Trent has served as a consulting engineer for several of Pearland's biggest development projects over the last few years.  These project include the Kelsey Seybold Office Buildlng in Shadow Creek, the Dover Energy Complex in the Lower Kirby District, and the Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial (MHI) Campus also in the Lower Kirby District.  Trent's role in the MHI project was critical to attracting the business to Pearland and ensuring an investment into the Pearland community of more than $40 million and the attraction of hundreds of high salary jobs.

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