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Trent Alan Perez, P.E.



Trent and his wife Tally met during the Hurricane Rita evacuation and fell in love almost immediately. Married now for more than 8 years, they have been blessed with 3 wonderful children.  Parker is the oldest at 7, followed by Sofia who is 6 and Daniella (Dani) who is 5.


Tally got both her undergraduate degree and law degree from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and is now an attorney and shareholder at Brown Sims LLC in Houston.


Trent and Tally have lived both in Shadow Creek Ranch and Lakes of Highland Glen and have come to love all of Pearland.


They are also members of New Life Lutheran Church in Pearland and support their church and community whenever possible.




Trent is a US Army (Active Duty) veteran having served as a Combat Engineer (12-B).  Honorably discharged in 1998, Trent's military experience taught him the true meaning of Honor, Service, and Sacrifice.




Trent graduated from the University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering with a Bachelors of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering (BSCE).  Trent worked as an engineering/design technician to pay his own way through college.  A typical semester would include 60 plus hours per week of work while taking 9 or more semester hours of course work.




Trent has volunteered and supported numerous Pearland organizations including:

  • the Pearland Chamber of Commerce

  • The Pearland Lions Club

  • The Vic Coppinger YMCA

  • Keep Pearland Beautiful


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